The Walk . 

  1. Musing into a See ? The seeing is the first focus , and what you are hoping to see , is the the muse .
  2. If there is an existence to the ponder in the Big Why , then that Ponder is in fact , the truth . Powerful achievement indeed .
  3. The splices of the three trees , the make up of the titles , are the kings of hearts …
  4. The seer , is always there ; regular and quiet in his . her observation and yet , the mother , brilliant gems , faceting …
  5. In the palm of the right , correct protection , policing °
  6. Glittering tools are the function for acknowledgement to the wearer . And the muse , protected by these functions , re calibrated regardless …
  7. Even in the state of incompleteness , I am … , the seeker for the facet’s in facts ; he , she , you , I , are the massive generated sense of approval for that.muse to access into love . unconditional ? Muse it !


Alpha Schemas .

Since the musing is all that is , to the windows of possibilities , it  will be an education for another set of completion . Yes , here is the reflection to what is the foundation built about , from the intention working into that other side of the fence .
Work them well into each other , and you get perfect balance , yes ?

f l i p s i d e  on   same form

Tra La La . Wink ! Wink ! 

  1. The intuitive , I must say , are clarified to be in it’s own sense of balance . When the intuitions are the learning lessons , it is undeniable to every sentient who is aware to it’s own sentience .
  2. Matter of facts , beliefs state it’s own form of validation , when Self is educated this way . How can you not be precise in your own realm ?
  3. The lessons becomes the teacher . Powerful indeed … And the teachers are indeed one , in you , just as long as you remember …
  4. The first seer , is at the verging of possibility , in this case , it reads , matter of the hearts , yes , a good possibility .
  5. The fifth on the fifth , is nothing short of that designation of what you are looking for . In your palms .
  6. Balance you shall , brillianting the facets of your mind …
  7. Have these reflections , into another sets of reflections , the facets are indeed massive in this clauses .  Since if these are your gains ,  then , I assure you to have nothing to be worried about with the conclusion ahead .

 0 3 0 3

When it does , a might is a might , mighty and fair in your achievement , aren’t you ?

Good . Use your power . Acing it , wisely …mind you .

equal gains and justifications 

  1. It’s not an illusion to what you know about yourself . Be for it or against to the knowledge in the initiating the best for yourself and the others , yes ?
  2. With the matters of your hand touching with intentions , the heart has to feel into it . May it be good .
  3. … and , The ruling Mind , who comes from these three initiatives , …
  4. Built . Minds . Reflectives as the brightest facets provided by the heart functional to the hands . Built .
  5. It has to be the learnt schematic , experienced , for that continuity to progress , progressively .
  6. See and feel into the first and second layer for a feel into completion , a sense of fulfillment ? Here the facets that are almost complete , contentment is … ,
  7. dds.grooves . moments are methods of chosen preferences . continuities are based from these referrals alone .

 6 1 3 1

The setting sun , is fair to every one . A day will always lead to another day .

% Third Layer

You know the meaning to the need why you are questioning , therefore why worry to the step ahead forward even though if it’s a challenge ? You are protected by these layers , refer well and refer kindly .

Enhanced Refineries

Eight ; Brilliantly … led minds .

The heart ?

Ultra state.  It begins for the seeing achievement in refined conclusions to be at it’s best.  :

  The base of the foundation , grounded by the sheltering element through the best conjured symmetry , is the guaranteed perfect continuing factors for the greatest matter of the hearts to be well taken care of . 

   Lead your mind . 

Proportioning Epic

The heart was perfect . The remembering of how it came to be were filled with good memories .

  1. The teaching , guidance were keen on the ‘child’ , not on the institutions known . Perfect intentions of the heart , the mind refers to also the best for the future .
  2. These knowledge , the stepping back at most times , for the intuitives to work in it’s own charms , …
  3. …. were seen through the undercurrent from the manifestations of the heart , perfected by love .
  4. Equaled alone by the brilliant methods accompanying at the same level in the needs for , receiving and the giving of love for the …
  5. The magnitudes of protector , the methods of acquiring of , knowledge ; as the main focus .
  6. The seers are on the seventh , strengthened by the knowledge acquired .


Triple Seven

Powering the massive circuits through what you had learned about humanity . The nooks and crannies , the darks were lighted up in the order , to see what it is inside ‘the room’ , to understand the concept of completion in itself .

The best , achieved with only the knowledge acquired before hand , so reach out further with the focus into what you are seeking for , dear one .

The focus , protected by the three sevens , your heart , methods in seeing knowledge and acquiring it , also the energy , perfected by the returning good and greats of the aforementioned .


Be safe , dear one .

The Seeing Heart 

  1. The Six tells a story known , to begin of and about Energy , powerful energy .
  2. The hand , the two hands , the most versed are the most functional , a ten nonetheless
  3. Regulated to the beating heart , connecting directly
  4. A Start , influential on powering a method , methods , The Seeing Forth …
  5. Reflecting The Seeing Forth with the utmost brilliance
  6. The Ruler
  7. Powerful and loved by the younger generations .


ten nonetheless , the heart speaketh as the mind sees , The Ruler was and is lucky to be with these composites of characters and personalities who made up this seeing heart , connecting direct to the reflection perfected to what he is and to how we all are  .

Confident Reflection

1 . the little one youthful { inner child } in his search for power , alive energetic ;

2 . Completed with , awakened to the flows of his beating heart ,

3 . learning from the lessons he had seen in this world , perfection gleaming into precision ,

4 . four on the fourth ; placed as he was placing back the schematic to what he had learnt ,

5 . Massive integration and powerful rushes flowing onto what he knew , the now …

6 . Brilliant continuity , contemplated into ,

7 . as the end reached … Into the first instigation of the Seventh , the seeing had to see into the seer … The kind and type … of the seer … the Mentor’s Firsts …


Seeing …

The little one , youthful , already knew from the start , the protector of the schematic … He was right all along , worry not … He was and awakened to the notion of what and whom he is now , had been always … in the bright of the Illu.Schemas .