Price of The Door

In wholeness , seeing  lives through his/her states of mind , it is refreshing to know that there are love in this world , that are unselfish to the point of burdening selves .

What ones could carry in life , sometimes there are sacrifices hidden in the name of learning lessons in the long run .

And that long run , again , had to take in the measurement to the installation of values in the end .

  1. Oh , the learning lessons ! As final as approaching dissolution of life . The reflections as of regrets and hopes co~mingled as it should , to dignify you , yes ?
  2. The reflective to educate your inner forms of linguistics . The only way . For the third progression , to which is …
  3. All facets in the gems of that mind , the hard work to cognitively differentiate self and reality , should be based from the understanding to why indeed , you are , …
  4. … to and for  a need to reflect . If you want to see further , then you have to start somewhere , preferably to the points of that installations of your values , then , now and in your future undertaking .
  5. Magnificent reflection indeed now , eh ? Another reflection in the horizons for the matter of your heart , the fifth in progress would have it that the strength refers to finality in the make of your inner power , strengthening …
  6. The three , points , should be your protections structure in the schema of that power and strength .
  7. Only then , your seventh gets to be in the realm of Ace of the Heart .

Black 5 Black 5 red 2 red 5

Continue , dear one .

If it means that in life moving on is to mean that there are certain things in life you have to leave behind , be brave , so be it . To gain self sometimes is to lose that other burdening phases and moments , that had shaped and defined your mind all these time .

Freedom of the heart , fortunately in your case , are refined through the peeling layers to what you are and institutively stating to the ‘ who ‘ you are in the end .

Awareness to what you have lost is your winnings .

Your winning is that progress in the seventh forms of this digits , made functioning by the protection of the Seeing Eight , to which is the Three of Heart .

You win when you have fully realize your own values against of all odds in the past .

The Walk . 

  1. Musing into a See ? The seeing is the first focus , and what you are hoping to see , is the the muse .
  2. If there is an existence to the ponder in the Big Why , then that Ponder is in fact , the truth . Powerful achievement indeed .
  3. The splices of the three trees , the make up of the titles , are the kings of hearts …
  4. The seer , is always there ; regular and quiet in his . her observation and yet , the mother , brilliant gems , faceting …
  5. In the palm of the right , correct protection , policing °
  6. Glittering tools are the function for acknowledgement to the wearer . And the muse , protected by these functions , re calibrated regardless …
  7. Even in the state of incompleteness , I am … , the seeker for the facet’s in facts ; he , she , you , I , are the massive generated sense of approval for that.muse to access into love . unconditional ? Muse it !


Alpha Schemas .

Since the musing is all that is , to the windows of possibilities , it  will be an education for another set of completion . Yes , here is the reflection to what is the foundation built about , from the intention working into that other side of the fence .
Work them well into each other , and you get perfect balance , yes ?

f l i p s i d e  on   same form

Enhanced Refineries

Eight ; Brilliantly … led minds .

The heart ?

Ultra state.  It begins for the seeing achievement in refined conclusions to be at it’s best.  :

  The base of the foundation , grounded by the sheltering element through the best conjured symmetry , is the guaranteed perfect continuing factors for the greatest matter of the hearts to be well taken care of . 

   Lead your mind .