The Tuners 

I see

As your auto.firsts becoming stronger and your main focus , tuned into the strength of your seeking values , you ‘see’ the depth to creative power in your state of learning schematics about the world .

Fourth’s Forth . Equal reflections .

  •    Acing that power of creativity , into another point of Fourth’s Forth . {shuffle this playlist and the first song is the state of your seeking Point}

How you ‘see’ is your focus in methods , therefore … that is the make of your auto.firsts .

Four , four , four is also your Solv.Bluprins , Three Trees . {in twelve , it is thirty seven} .
As it progresses , the calculation altogether , unsuprisingly led to no . 4 .

Yes , you see . What you see is your responsibility into how you decipher life into your own functionality back into the state of your main focus .

circ . access is .

The circle has to rely on the focus of the titling that … , indeed I had been working on .

Here is One .

And that one is best for the make of any of your focus in Composites .

Imagina , pillaring …

  1. Ace in the faceting .
  2. Your Seven is to know the second best in power , this knowledge will teach you about relationship . 
  3. Balanced perfectly by the knowledge in itself .
  4. The seeing Fourth , is the youthful heart , a state of education , the learning factors and methods .
  5. The verging  states , repeating for the third time , and this time it was coming from the youthfulness in educational schematics , in spirits and in body and mind ;
  6. The Heart , Seven …
  7. For where His power , is Kingly , the energy comes from the leading minds who are Kingly Seven themselves …

1 5 {undetermined color a* } 9 2

* defined only by characterization .

For he who is aware , sees better . The heart is reflective to the mind , and may your mind is at best , aced through the faceting life , determined not only for Self but also in the making of others’ states of mind .

Virtual Imagina is Mankind on the verges of energy transforming into Forms . And that forms , expressing the methods back into solutions , teching techs tuning smoothly into the reflections of the facets themselves .

See it .
It is yours to comprehend and mold accordingly . This should be the power  , the energy Kingly for the reflective to state themselves in being understood and becoming ‘it’ themselves in the end .

The only power that is good and great is when it is energized with a want and need to better that other side of the fence so it will in the end will garner it’s own confidence in living the techs learnt .

Here in Wonderland 

  1. Seaming Notions . Evolving Six , facets .
  2. Love Endless , finality revolving for power .
  3. An education , a Six , Blue Danube … Strauss’s .
  4. Hearts in The Queen , Streisand is the flow .
  5. A Lucky Day … Brilliant Queen .
  6. Wolfmother . Acing the Power .
  7. The third six of Hearts . Wagner .

9 4 3(undetermined) 3

Kingly , the power is , The Yin . Double Streisand , front and back , and the seaming notions are from the beginning to the end . The King are the quiet poet , the points only to point , seaming the Notions .

~ esques .

Bridging the many Keys , chameleon Yan , Yentl ? , yes Yentl … hers ! Ultimate Yin … the state of arriving , to where the truth garnered from paradoxical understanding … The Idealist for Love .

A one is indeed a one for The One .