The Seeing Salts

Lead the brilliance into the pair ; Four in the name to …

   Educate ; For Education . The Heart is Male , Kingly .

Jack is eager to know , learning , as the pair of Kings , separated by Four ,

    the linking successive , in Seven , perfected for the precision under the brilliance .
Under Four ; next to Seven … The arrangement is in for the Balance , the need for Two ;

The resulting patterns of The Teacher and The Student alone .

the quintessential full in the completion of Understanding .

Protector ? The Seeing Salt ?

The pair of knowing about Power . The energy for Effort should be in the understanding of the Leader and The Led for both in schematas .

The mirrorring Tones , tuning for Reflections , the intersections of changes for Pairs

To see , one has to know in giving there is a taking ; in taking , one is actually , automatically gives to the knowledge one is actually has taken in for the state of mind in functioning .


Freedom is in the brilliance ; the gladden of the hearts , awakening to the sense of worth and values ; first and foremost , Self ; and as one who was responsible to that awakening and in the give and take ;

The Pair of Two would be fair , and mostly without the need for useless dramas .

The pair of any , in the resulting order as the seeing salt , to Be .