The Tuners 

I see

As your auto.firsts becoming stronger and your main focus , tuned into the strength of your seeking values , you ‘see’ the depth to creative power in your state of learning schematics about the world .

Fourth’s Forth . Equal reflections .

  • Acing that power of creativity , into another point of Fourth’s Forth . {shuffle this playlist and the first song is the state of your seeking Point}

How you ‘see’ is your focus in methods , therefore … that is the make of your auto.firsts .

Four , four , four is also your Solv.Bluprins , Three Trees . {in twelve , it is thirty seven} .
As it progresses , the calculation altogether , unsuprisingly led to no . 4 .

Yes , you see . What you see is your responsibility into how you decipher life into your own functionality back into the state of your main focus .

circ . access is .

The circle has to rely on the focus of the titling that … , indeed I had been working on .

Here is One .

And that one is for the make of any of your focus in each for the Composites .