The Great Efforts in Your Ten 

Ultimate in your search for knowledge , to ‘breed’ further into love with ones who cares enough to be your life partners , matter of the hearts reflected in the balances of the perfect brilliant five . Powered by the energy of seven , completed and fulfilled as the seeing eyes needed to form a Masterful balance in achieving Ace of the Heart . In the comfort of the Sixth , another Seven of the Heart tells a future of the brilliant completion , the Ten of the Heart .  

Efforts should be  the energy to power your Reasons . 
Are you looking for the Continuity to form it’s head to Source it’s point being ? 

Then , efforts are the reformations to any of your needs to excel in the matter of the Heart . Protected by the sevens about in your Ace , the continuations in your undertaking should always be protected by your searching  for purest knowledge . 

Early . 

… and your Sevens are a completed wall , protected basics as your main structures to fall back on .