1. He , who is the one in need for power , should be seeing into Methods , educationing Self .
  2. Verging love and in passion for possibilities ahead , then he would be focusing on these reasons alone , automatically ,
  3. Alone he might stand , and yet with the seeing into Methods acquiring Knowledge …
  4. Protective Seers he shall accumulate to be on his side ,
  5. The Whomever on his side , will be guaranteed , brilliant facets , acing Inventiveness , coming to play …
  6. a state simply , reinforcing ideals , in strength ,
  7. For the King of Hearts , instituting a pattern formation , approved and agreeable , as the seeing ‘masses’…


* indefinable balances , unexpressed through words and methods , characteristic traits .

Yes . outside of the circle , aren’t you ? The visuals , your visuals are traits defined by the seeing forms as an outsider . The protected becomes the state of protection .

To be is to become an answer to every needed solutions when in power . You must remember roots to where the power are to be manifested from . Know the state of methods in their education schematics , you shall be acquiring Completeness , since the solution is part of indeed , of the problems needing addressing .

The Seer informs himself or herself on how to be . The becoming is flawless .

He who walks into the form , easily retransform into what he’d learnt .