equal gains and justifications 

  1. It’s not an illusion to what you know about yourself . Be for it or against to the knowledge in the initiating the best for yourself and the others , yes ?
  2. With the matters of your hand touching with intentions , the heart has to feel into it . May it be good .
  3. … and , The ruling Mind , who comes from these three initiatives , …
  4. Built . Minds . Reflectives as the brightest facets provided by the heart functional to the hands . Built .
  5. It has to be the learnt schematic , experienced , for that continuity to progress , progressively .
  6. See and feel into the first and second layer for a feel into completion , a sense of fulfillment ? Here the facets that are almost complete , contentment is … ,
  7. dds.grooves . moments are methods of chosen preferences . continuities are based from these referrals alone .

 6 1 3 1

The setting sun , is fair to every one . A day will always lead to another day .

% Third Layer

You know the meaning to the need why you are questioning , therefore why worry to the step ahead forward even though if it’s a challenge ? You are protected by these layers , refer well and refer kindly .


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